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Sun damage or sagging skin on your face, neck, hands, and chest area can make you look and feel years older than you really are. The aesthetic specialists at Salinas Valley Medical Aesthetics in Salinas, California, offer noninvasive solutions for these issues, including intense pulsed light (IPL) rejuvenation. This amazing rejuvenation method gives your skin the fresh start it needs. Book your appointment by calling or using the online scheduling tool now.

Skin Rejuvenation Q & A

What is IPL rejuvenation?

With intense pulsed light (IPL) rejuvenation, your Salinas Valley Medical Aesthetics care provider treats a variety of cosmetic problems using quick light pulses in your dermis, the innermost skin layer.

IPL rejuvenation treatment can rejuvenate your skin in many ways, including:

  • Decreasing age spots
  • Decreasing facial redness
  • Decreasing spider veins
  • Reversing sun damage
  • Enhancing overall skin appearance

After IPL rejuvenation, many patients hear compliments about their youthful skin. It's a great overall treatment if your skin is showing the effects of time and sun damage.

How does IPL rejuvenation work?

Your unwanted skin discoloration, like age spots or spider veins, absorbs light pulses from the IPL device. Once inside your skin, the light turns into heat, which destroys the pigmentation or redness. Your body's normal lymphatic functions sweep the old tissue out of your body over the weeks and months ahead.

IPL rejuvenation also triggers deeper body healing by stimulating new collagen creation in your dermis. Over time, the new collagen reduces pore size, smooths out fine lines, and improves skin firmness.

Where on my body can I have IPL rejuvenation?

Although the most popular area for IPL treatment is the face, you can also get this rejuvenating treatment on your neck, chest, hands, or arms. If aging and sun damage have left their mark anywhere on your body, IPL rejuvenation is a great noninvasive solution.

What does IPL rejuvenation feel like?

You may experience a quick sting with each light pulse. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you might opt for a topical numbing cream before the procedure. Most patients have a comfortable treatment with minimal pain.

Can IPL rejuvenation work with other treatments?

Yes. In fact, IPL rejuvenation combines beautifully with other treatments like Ultherapy®. While IPL rejuvenation focuses mainly on skin problems, Ultherapy focuses primarily on lifting and firming the skin. You may even be able to schedule both treatments for the same visit if you’d like, so talk to your Salinas Valley Medical Aesthetics care provider to learn more.

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