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Great skin requires a combined effort from you and your aesthetic care specialist. At Salinas Valley Medical Aesthetics in Salinas, California, the expert team performs the latest state-of-the-art skin care treatments. The team also guides you in choosing the best quality skin care products, like Colorescience®, SkinCeuticals®, and Obagi®, for home use. To learn more about luxury skin care products with science-based results, book your appointment online or call the office today.

Skin Care Q & A

Why is high-quality skin care so important?

When your skin is at its healthiest, it’s also at its most beautiful. Although cosmetics can sometimes fake good skin, or even a nice glow, there’s really nothing as attractive as the look of skin that’s healthy from within.

The Salinas Valley Medical Aesthetics team understands and believes this, and for that reason, they offer a variety of medical-grade skin care products from lines such as Colorescience®, SkinCeuticals®, and Obagi®. These products work to improve skin condition, protect it from further damage, and enhance your overall appearance beautifully.

What is Colorescience?

Colorescience is a luxury makeup brand that focuses on your skin’s needs. Popular products include antioxidant- and vitamin-enhanced SPF foundations for flawless coverage, nutrient-infused color correctors to conceal problem areas, and mineral illuminators for complexion brightening. Most Colorescience products include SPF ranging from 20-50.

What is SkinCeuticals?

SkinCeuticals is a science-backed medical-grade skin care line. All products in the SkinCeuticals line do three key things: damage prevention, skin protection, and damage correction. Some of the many popular items in the SkinCeuticals product line include sunscreens ranging from 30-50 SPF, anti-aging products that also fight acne, and skin-restoration serums.

What is Obagi?

Obagi is a medical-grade skin care company that offers products focusing on both correction and healing. Some of the most popular products from Obagi include the Obagi Nu-Derm Fx™, a multipart system for healing and rejuvenation, vitamin-infused serums for skin restoration, and at-home skin peels for light skin resurfacing.

How do I choose the right skin care products?

You can rely on the skin care experts at Salinas Valley Medical Aesthetics to help you select the right products for your needs. When you come in for any treatment, whether it’s a laser facial or fillers, don’t be afraid to talk about your skin concerns and ask for some skin care guidance.

The friendly and supportive care providers at Salinas Valley Medical Aesthetics have many years of experience in all aspects of cosmetic dermatology, so they can help you select the products that best suit your skin’s particular needs. With carefully selected skin care products, you can maintain beautiful results for a long time.

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